Hacker News Full Thread

A userscript to show the containing thread for a single comment page on Hacker News.

Update December 2016: I’m happy to see that this feature has finally been added natively to Hacker News. This userscript is now obsolete.

Previously: Fixing another Hacker News shortcoming.


Every time I land on a single comment page deep in a Hacker News thread, I wonder how to get back to the full thread. There is no way of doing that short of repeatedly clicking the parent link until you reach the top. Um?

Worse, comment pages contain neither thread title nor a link to the submitted article. There is no context whatsoever besides the comment itself. This is fine if you navigated to the comment from the full thread. In that case, you probably know which topic you came from on. However, I often land on a single comment from a Google search and end up being stranded.


After being slightly annoyed by this problem one too many times, I had think something up. The solution was a userscript that adds a simple all comments button. Click it and you’re back on the full thread.


The first iteration of the script did pretty much what I described above. It repeatedly scraped the parent page of the current comment until it reached the full thread. Only later did I learn about the Hacker News API. But even with the API, there is no way of requesting the containing thread for a single comment. So the process remains pretty much the same.


You can find the userscript on GitHub.